Chinua Achebe for Me

The life of Chinua Achebe is celebrated by every man, every woman, every child that has had a chance to read the works of this man. Taking us to a world we could have never imagined had we not read it in the books. Painting pictures of the African man through his character Okwonkwo, the will of man to change his world and fails in the life of Odili, speaking of injustices and being a voice of reason through his rich words. He leaves behind a great legacy, unforgettable, in a time where Africa literature was very much needed to speak to the society, to remind us of who we are and help anticipate where we could go, as well as to entertain.

I grew up knowing that the village of Umuofia existed, and the people were just as how I saw them in the book. The festivities, the cultures, the people. I could see people dancing in festivities, I could see pride in the characters of men he created, I fell in love with Okwonkwo. And through his books, and those of others like Elechi Amadi, i found African literature irresistible and beautiful.

As I pay my respect for great skill and art, and inspiration that his writing has brought to many of us, I pray that eventually Africa will tap in to the possibilities of better days that he had willed in his literature.






About MyStoriesKenya

Kenyan journalist with a passion for history and culture and most of all the Happier side of kenya, however, I am not blind to society concerns and needs, so I give justice to every experience
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