I have duly noticed, the lack of enthusiasm of certain people towards #Kenya@50 , many citing the disappointments they feel towards regimes in the past and even today. Which I believe it is justified to some extent, there are ALOT of disappointing things that Kenya has been through in it’s course of history. To be listed one of the worst places to live in, actually number one, not just in Africa, but actually in the whole world, is not really an appreciated title. Or even to named as the worlds most ugly people is not a title you want to go announce. But really think about it, to not appreciate the milestone Kenya has made as a Kenyan, is utter disrespect for those who fought for this country.

No matter the level of DISAPPOINTMENT we may experience as Kenyans, You can not ignore what KENYA AT 50 means. Do we really know what it means to have a chain passed through your ankles and dragging your feet with a heavy metal so that you will not run away from “the master” Do we know what it means to be born in to servant hood in your own country, to be a slave in your own land, to be landless in your own land. To have no voice, and the worst form of insult, to be considered unintelligent, and worse still to know that children of your womb will come and inherit the same system. Do you know what it means, the humiliation they went through, the pain, until after so many years of this they decided to fight. Can you imagine what you would have to subject an adult man with his pride and dignity to eventually willingly surrender his land, his will and his authority and become your servant, say nothing if you rape his wife and children? Now can you imagine what strength they had to master to get out of it.

So much sacrifice was done people’s; people lived in forests, many died in the course of this history being made. WE CANNOT IGNORE THIS SACRIFICE. Of the leaders detained as they fought for multiparty system. Of leaders who died in the course of their fight for freedoms that we enjoy today.

Friends, it is okay to be disappointed, I am too, with the corruption levels which are indeed embarrassing, I hate horrible service, many of our leaders put the S on SHAME, but i appreciate that every country has it’s cons. I appreciate as countries evolve, they go through the worst and recover and heal of it’s past wounds, and I hope Kenya does too. But I think Just for this day, for the sake of those who actually fought for this country and it’s freedom. We don’t need to like the leadership, but KENYA deserves that respect. We don’t even have to be proud of it now. But indeed we must appreciate the sacrifices others have made to bring us here. Regardless of party affiliations, many people have contributed sweat and blood to bring Kenya here. Not one individual can claim it. So until we are able to give Kenya that contribution as well, we actually should remove our hats of pride and respect THOSE. And if our humility allows us just for a minute, put on our Kenyan Jerseys like a people who never fell.

NB: I think Kenya is older than 50, its people didn’t start living at 50. I hate how history states we are turning 50, we are celebrating 50 years of INDEPENDENCE but we are older than that. We go way back. #Kenyaat50 #Weareone

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Kenyan journalist with a passion for history and culture and most of all the Happier side of kenya, however, I am not blind to society concerns and needs, so I give justice to every experience
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