The music of Africa sips through your skin and imposes a dance to anyone that gets to hear it. A culture of drums, flutes and life that oozes out of the various festival s that emerge from the African soil. Many would wonder how a society could be so obsessed with dancing and making merry more than anything else, but until you hear the music, only then you would understand how one can dance and even forget about food. If you welcomed an African to a feast and had no music, it would be as if, the feast never happened.

We read in history of Africa having been a home of festivity.  That,  we, Africans, found reasons to celebrate even when there wasn’t need for any celebration.  Sometimes even in naming people, African’s would find a reason to bring the house down, the stronger the beat, even more the vigor. Only, the beat was always strong, and so was the vigor, and so were the bonds that came from this moments.

Just recently, there would be bands serenading the Kambe streets with music. They would move from one end to another collecting people. From house to house, masses would move with the music, without tire, they would keep moving; Women, men, children all chasing after music. It is quite a spectacle. Everything stopped for a minute.

One could hear them from no matter how far one was. And there would be people running towards it, never away. This was the meeting ground for many people. Strangers became friends, and sometimes friends became spouses.The children found a way to experience culture in the form of music. It united the world and made it a lot smaller.

Today, there are no bands that go around from house to house to house to collect people. The festivities have been reduced to only weddings and sometimes funerals or organized events. But even those in some cases have become inviting only, especially in cities. Drum beats in many African homes have reduced. Celebrating for nothing is not a habit in the country side.

On the other side of the same province is frère town whose characteristic was music and dance. The village too didn’t sleep. Again, it’s streets are silent. Modernization has changed these worlds significantly, they feel different. Even Christmas feels different. This year Nairobi was still full of many people on the roads still in hustle.

Sometimes one can only just imagine what it must have been like to have evenings full of music and dance randomly on many streets, that converged communities together. One can only wish upon it and only wonder if such moment can ever be relived. If at all Festivities in the village can ever be brought back and have music serenade our streets.




About MyStoriesKenya

Kenyan journalist with a passion for history and culture and most of all the Happier side of kenya, however, I am not blind to society concerns and needs, so I give justice to every experience
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